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Welcome to Hullbridge Parish Council's website. If you look to the tabs on the left, you will find information about the Parish Council, also what is going on in the village; we hope you will find it interesting. If you would like to attend a Parish Council meeting they take place at the Hullbridge Seniors Centre, (behind the Doctors Surgery), normally on the second Monday in the month (excluding August) starting at 19.30hrs. You are welcome to attend, also there is a public question time, if you have a specific question it would be beneficial to let us know in advance (8 days prior to the meeting)  so we can put it on our agenda, if required or to get the informaiton to provide an answer.

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The village of Hullbridge is tucked away in the north west corner of the District and is home to 7,300 residents. It is surrounded by green belt on three sides and the River Crouch on the northern boundary. With over two miles of river frontage the parish is well used by the local boating fraternity, with hundreds of moorings and three yacht clubs.


Hullbridge contains various Businesses, Shops and Pubs/Restaurants, a Primary School/Youth Centre,  Recreation Ground, Allotment Site, Churches/Yacht Clubs/Community Centres-Groups  Sports and Social Club and also has a network of well-maintained footpaths, which meander through the surrounding farmland, along the River Crouch and our Nature Reserve.

Along the river bank there are remains of evaporation pans where salt was made in medieval times.              

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Officer:                    Mrs. Anne-Marie Bates - Clerk to the Council                                                                                                            


Admin Assist:          Mrs Juliette Mullett


Maintenance Staff:  Mr. George Bailey  


                                  Mr. Peter Timms                              


Opening Times 


Monday 12.30pm - 2.30pm 


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10.00 am - Noon


Friday - Closed


(If the Office is closed during the above opening times then the Clerk is either on a course, at a meeting, on holiday leave or its due to other unforeseen circumstances)






     Facebook     We are on Facebook please either search for Hullbridge Parish Council on facebook or click here for a direct link to our facebook page.  We actively and regularly post to our facebook page as well as our weblog providing community news, events, highway information and so fourth to keep the commuinity up to date and we welcome and encourage the community to interact with us by leaving comments or by contacting us. 





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