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Footpath 5 Notices


The above are Essex County Council's Public Notices regarding the temporary closure of footpath 5 due to Japanese Knotweed.

Under Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 Section 14 (2) and Temporary Prohibition of Use Order 2017



13:45, 19 Jun 2017 by Hullbridge Parish Council
We currently have a vacant allotment plot available.  If interested please contact the Parish Office on 01702 232 038 and quote ref #79. 
13:30, 15 Jun 2017 by Hullbridge Parish Council
Ferry Road - Surfacing Update
We have spoken again to ECC regarding the resurfacing work on Ferry Road, they are informing their Contractors of our concerns, of the various issues, also of the recent accident.
We have been told the footpaths should be swept three times during the settling in period, temproary measures in place for the zebra crossings and that the line marking will take place roughly three weeks after the resurfacing has taken place.
14:17, 14 Jun 2017 by Hullbridge Parish Council

Footpath 5 - UPDATE

Please be advised that the footpath will be closed until at least end of September due to someone unknown, we can confirm it is not a Contractor, Parish Council, District or County Council using an incorrect herbicide on the plants,  the correct treatment won't work while it is still growing because the herbicide has to go down into the roots, NOT 'uphill'.  Hence a late August start date.

For the same reason the plants have to be upright when treated,  no...t having been knocked over or trampled down.  Cutting the weed can spread it further.

The weed and the chemical itself,  are NOT dangerous to public health as such,  but the weed is a danger to property, and it is illegal to allow it to spread into open land, or to let it block or damage a watercourse.  It's located within a metre of a watercourse and the contractor has already got an EA licence to work on it in that location.

The Parish Council has initially put up closed signs and taped the entrances off and tomorrow we will be putting up barrier fencing. It is ashame that we have had to  temporary close the footpath and we thank you for your co-operation.

13:28, 14 Jun 2017 by Hullbridge Parish Council


Please note Footpath 5 (Burnham Road to Long Lane) is closed with immediate effect until September (date to be confirmed) due to the Japanese Knotweed that has now grown over the footpath itself.  The closure minimises the risk of the invasive weed spreading elsewhere. The Japanese knotweed is being professionally treated in the late summer as this is the optimum time for the most effective treatment.
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12:15, 14 Jun 2017 by Hullbridge Parish Council

Befrienders Urgenlty Needed


Have you a spare hour to give to go and have a chat with someone lonely and isolated, then please make contact as detailed below. 



13:45, 12 Jun 2017 by Hullbridge Parish Council

Southend Bonsai Society

10:44, 07 Jun 2017 by Hullbridge Parish Council

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