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Foster Carers needed in Essex

10:13, 10 Aug 2017 by Hullbridge Parish Council

Rayleigh  Windmill Event

14:07, 20 Jul 2017 by Hullbridge Parish Council

 Update 20.07.2017 - 20mph and 30mph road markings have been completed.


We have been in contact with Essex County Council Highways today regarding the incomplete white lines and incomplete road markings on Ferry Road.


We have asked that the white Lines that go down the middle of the road be painted as well as the 20mph road imprints leading up to the school and the incomplete lines into Kendal Close.  We have requested yet again that Essex County Council do a site visit to both inspect the poor workmanship of the re-surfacing and to ensure all road markings are completed.


We are awaiting a repsonse from Highways as to when this work will be completed but we have stressed that this work needs to be actioned promptly.


We will post updates here and on our Facebook Page as we have them.



13:05, 18 Jul 2017 by Hullbridge Parish Council

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