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Rochford District Council is carrying out a Budget Survey to find out how you want your council tax to be spent.


The questionnaire will be available until Friday December 30, 2016 at  and is a chance to have your say on what the District Council’s priorities should be when it decides its budget for the next 12 months


It is crucial that we have YOUR views as this is a time when all Local Authorities are facing increasing financial pressures, and must make difficult decisions about the services we provide. At Rochford District Council, we want to ensure your Council Tax is spent on the services you want and value the most.


Leader of Rochford District Council, Cllr Terry Cutmore, said: “This is an unprecedented time for Local Authorities when it comes to the funding restrictions we face, and we must continually strive for new and efficient ways of delivering high quality services. This challenge means that we must also drive towards financial sustainability; which is anticipated for Rochford District Council in 2021.


“As a Council we cannot do this without the support of our residents, therefore we have created a series of questions in this survey to gather your views and feelings.


“This is your opportunity. It is your chance to influence how the Council spend its precious resources, how it considers what we do in the future and the chance for you to help us protect the services we all care most dearly about. Thank you in advance for taking part; your views are essential in the service we provide.”



Please take the opportunity to have your say by completing the survey in one of the following ways:



  1. The      survey is available online, simply log on to       


  1. Hard      copies of the survey will be available in the reception areas of the      Rochford District Council offices in South Street, Rochford and the      Rayleigh Civic Suite in Hockley Road, Rayleigh, from Wednesday October 19,      2016.


  1. Hard copies of the survey will      also be available in libraries across the District, from Wednesday October      19, 2016.
  2. If you are unable to fill in      the survey by any of these methods then you can call the Council and we      will ensure that you get one. Call Andrew Lowing on 01702 546366 or email:
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RDC Survey

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Hullbridge Parish Council wins the following awards:Essex County Council Community Work award and Vaughtons Council of the Year 2016 highly commended award.