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Statement of Community Involvement Engagement Workshop

Just to clarify I have spoken to RDC and can advise that this workshop is the first of a series of workshops that will be held in Hullbridge.  The events will be held at different times of the day/year to enable as many residents/bussiness to have their say. The information gathered by Rochford District Council will assist them in putting together the next Local Plan. This workshop is an ideal opportunity to raise all topics and other Parishes have discussed for example -  broadband for the whole village, dangerous junctions and ones that need improvements, better amenities.  Perhaps looking at footpath / bridleway links, infrastructure, open spaces. etc. This meeting is not just to look at housing needs in the District.

13:09, 20 Jul 2016 by Hullbridge Parish Council
11:12, 20 Jul 2016 by Hullbridge Parish Council

Gold Award Presentation to the Parish Council

On Monday 11th July at our Full Council meeting Cllr Peter Davey, Chairman of the Awards Panel also Vice Chairman of Essex Association of Local Councils and a Councillor of Ingatestone & Fyerning Parish Council presented Hullbridge Parish Council with all three Awards in the Local Council Award Scheme, Foundation, Quality and Gold. Cllr Davey congratulated the Clerk Anne-Marie Bates for her hard work, dedication and after nearly... two years succeeding to get Hullbridge Parish Council to Gold Award Standard. He also said that a Councillor in first tier of local Government is a Volunteering position and so much work and good is done for their Communities and he Congratulated Members for their input in providing a good service to their Community.

Cllr Davey went on to say that “Hullbridge Parish Council not only operates lawfully according to standard practice but achieves good practice in Governance, community engagement and council improvement but also is at the forefront of Best practice and achieves excellence in governance, community leadership and council development.

All Councillors and Residents present were extremely pleased that Hullbridge Parish Council is one of the very few Council’s in the Country that has received the Gold Standard Award.

10:40, 18 Jul 2016 by Hullbridge Parish Council

Recreation Ground

Toilets The Toilet at the Recreation Ground has now been fixed so hopefully it will remain functional and not be vandalised again.


Anti Social Behaviour - the Police, RDC and the Parish Council are conducting spot checks at the Recreation Ground also we have been informed by RDC that they will be re-installing the gate which will be locked daily.  A notice will  be put up by RDC to provide users with opening/closing times. (Please note that the Parish Council although seeks funding for better facilities / pays for the Toilets we do not manage the Recreation Ground this is Rochford District Council).

Street Snooker The new initiative play equipment is being installed at the basket ball court this week so we hope you will all  enjoy it.  Funding for this was received from the Essex County Council Communitities Initiative Fund which we thank them.

10:39, 18 Jul 2016 by Hullbridge Parish Council

Recreation Ground - Sun Canopy
Hullbridge Parish Council were successful with our grant application and Essex County Council Communities Initiative Fund awarded us funding for a Sun Canopy whilst our staff dug the footings. We hope this will be a great asset for residents / visitors to enjoy the park whilst having some shade.
Street Snooker play equipment will hopefully be installed before the summer holidays.


Sun Canopy

17:36, 12 Jul 2016 by Hullbridge Parish Council

Recreation Ground Toilets / Pavillion Unfortunately due to severe vandalism the toilet at the Recreation Ground will have to be closed until further notice as our Cleaning Contractor has found that someone has torn the door surround/ handles off and damaged the lock, which are all beyond repair. Our Contractor has also had to clear up after young people have  blocked the toilet with grass and toilet paper. We know that residents have wanted a toilet at this location but they... are continually getting vandalised so the Parish Council will have to discuss whether it is now viable to have them open or perhaps look at other options.

Young people are also climbing on the Pavilion, swearing and causing other anti-social behaviour towards residents of the neighbouring residential park. Police have been informed

14:32, 30 Jun 2016 by Hullbridge Parish Council


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